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Deal Tombstones
Written by Kashan
Monday, 21 February 2011 15:25
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Deal TombstonesI'm often asked how we can create so many different Lucite designs for finance and corporate deal tombstones. The truth is that there are 2 kinds of deal toys: (1) standard and (2) custom. The standard dealtoys are very affordable and recognizable because they use a standard shape, such as a pyramid or cylinder, with a company logo or embedment set into the acrylic. Custom tombstones are carved into a specific shape, such as a state-shaped design or the shape of a company product or logo. Because we have been the leader in this industry for over 30 years, we can make both types -- in an unlimited list of colors and options -- affordable for our clients. How affordable? You'd be surprised! Call us today at (516) 338-0404 and receive your deal tombstone in only a few weeks!